The Castel

San Giorgio’s Castel, property of the prestigious Benetton Group, it’ s the ideal location for the most exclusive and specatcular events. Nestled in time and sorrounded by the scent of its own green park, San Giorgio’s Castel open its door to the magic. Located just few miles from the ethernal beauty of Rome, the Castel it’s the ideal place to celebrate romantic weddings in its own cappella or a private civil ceremonies in the representative halls. The castel’s rooms are exquisitely equipped even to host corporate and private events. Let’s breath the atmosphere of the noble ballrooms and lose yourself in the lavish green of Italians’ gardens, terrasse and elegant foutnains… let’s live a unique Italian experience.

Behind the History

First evidence of the construction of San Giorgio’s Castel are dated around 1756, but it’s history is part of a much older hostory. Property of noble Norman family of Anguillara, passed in the hands of artistocratic Roman families of Mattei and Rospigliosi, has been place of solemn weddings and rise of historical personalities, as popes and princes.  In 1925 the Anonime Bonifiche Society acquires the ownership and today is an exclusive property of the prestigiuos Benetton Group. Thanks to Benetton’s commitment, San Giorgios’ Castel it’s the ideal location of the most exclusive events.